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Few good things offer lasting value.  Usually these pieces have a certain integrity of design and craftsmanship.  The style of executive chairs evolved over the years, and reached apotheosis with the extraordinary chair specifically designed for President John F. Kennedy.  


As President-elect Kennedy prepared to move into the White House in 1961, engineers from the W. H. Gunlocke Chair Company of Wayland, New York, collaborated with Kennedy's personal physician to develop a working chair that would help to relieve his chronic back pain.  For the President's executive chair in the Oval Office, she insisted on a firmer version of the adjustable seats found in luxury cars and first-class airline cabins.  The result was an innovative chair that provided a perfect ergonomic experience while reflecting executive style and refinement.    


Over time, the original high-back Gunlocke Oval Office Chair has become the executive chair by which all others are compared.  The legendary chair, superbly crafted one at a time according to historic specifications, is now available for ownership.    

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